Native Expressions

Featured Image: Unknown artist [possibly one of the Ross children]. pencil drawing, “Kildonan Manse,” James Ross’ scrapbook (1869-1871), last page.

[Captain] William Kennedy and Allen Macdonell, quoted in “Hudson’s Bay Territory,” Halifax NS Morning Journal (31 December 1856), 2.

kennedy in ON

[Captain] William Kennedy “Red River Settlement,” Sarnia ON Sarnia and Lambton Observer (3 September 1857), 1.


[James Ross?] “Red River Peculiarities,” Red River Settlement Nor’-Wester (1 July 1861), 2.


John Flett [older brother of James Flett (married to Chloe Bird); husband of Charlotte Bird; brother-in-law to James Sinclair (married to Elizabeth Maria Bird)], quoted in “John Flett,” History of the Pacific Northwest: Oregon and Washington, vol. 2 (Portland OR: North Pacific History Company, 1889), 326–328.

John Flett account1

John Flett account2

John Flett3